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Thank you for visiting the Louisiana Center for Nursing (LCN) where our mission is to contribute to the health and welfare of Louisiana’s residents and visitors through activities that are directed to ensure that there is an adequate workforce to meet the current and future healthcare needs of the citizens of the state of Louisiana.

LCN has resources available for current and prospective nurses, as well as information about Louisiana's Nursing Workforce careers, education, recruitment, and retention. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for general information about the Center.

Below are site links to helpful LCN information:

About The Center for Nursing

Information on LCN's history, mission.

News From the Center

Current news regarding events and developments at LCN.

Future of Nursing

Information on the Future of Nursing in Louisiana and around the country.

Nursing Workforce

Information and statistics on Louisiana's Nursing Workforce.

Nursing Careers

Information on employment opportunities for current and prospective registered nurses in Louisiana.

Nursing Education

Information regarding educational opportunities available in Louisiana for persons interested in becoming a registered nurse and for registered nurses interested in advancing their education.

Frequently Asked Questions

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